What kinds of projects receive funding from CBCF?

The Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation seeks to fund clearly conceived, well-planned projects that demonstrate the potential to impact the Bahamian community in positive and sustained ways. These include, in particular, projects designed to contribute to youth development, to enhance the quality of educational provision, to promote scholarly, artistic or cultural research, publication or production, or more generally to improve the quality of common life. Please note that CBCF does not support scholarships for individuals. Similarly, the foundation does not fund operational costs such as rent, utilities and personnel.

Individuals or groups applying for assistance from CBCF are required to complete a grant proposal form available from the Office of Public Affairs, Cable Bahamas Ltd.

All relevant information requested on the form must be provided before the application is considered by the Board.

Applications must be submitted at least ten working days before each quarterly Board Meeting in order to be processed for consideration at the meeting. Late applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Board. A schedule of Board meetings dates and application deadlines will be published each year.

Grant recipients may reapply for a new grant twelve (12) months after receiving an award from CBCF.

Family Island Assessment Tour
CBCF funding is still not reaching as many Family island communities as its Board of Directors would like it too. Mrs. Freda Mullings, secretary to the Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation Board, is now prepared to speak to Family island communities in need of the kind of community project funding CBCF has been providing in other Bahamian communities. Interested communities should contact Mrs. Freda Mullings at 242-601-8667 or e-mail her at freda.mullings@cablebahamas.com in order to set up a CBCF assessment visit.

The Award
Award amounts are project specific and are most often directed at segments of the project being considered. The Foundation will not necessarily fund a project in its entirety. Applicants must be prepared to confirm in writing, using a CBCF supplied form that they will adhere to Board recommended use of award funds.

Project Reports
Project reports from grant recipients should be received by CBCF Secretary no later than one month following the official end of the relevant project. These reports can be in the form of written, photographic or audio/ video documents. Former grant recipients will not be considered for additional funding without having presented a report on their previously funded project (s).

Award Notification
Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by the Secretary within seven days following the board meeting during which their application was considered.

a. If your group receives a Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation (CBCF) grant your project/event or programme can be advertised and or promoted by CBCF or Cable Bahamas Ltd.

b. Your group will be required to display a sign (supplied by CBCF) at your event and/or at your HQ noting that this project was made possible in part through funding provided by the Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation.

c. Your group will, if approved for a CBCF grant, have a small write up on the CBCF web site, describing your group’s project/event or programme. This write up will be accessible via clicking on your group’s name as listed in the grant recipients listing on the CBCF website.

d. If provided, your organization’s URL will be added to the “Links” portion of the CBCF website.

CBCF Board Meeting & Application Deadlines - 2020
1st Quarter Application Deadline: April 9th, 2020
Meeting Date: April 23rd, 2020

2nd Quarter
Application Deadline: July 9th, 2020
Meeting Date: July 23rd, 2020

3rd Quarter
Application Deadline: TBA
Meeting Date: TBA

4th Quarter
Application Deadline: TBA
Meeting Date: TBA

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